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UPDATE: Getting a "Network failure" error when downloading? That's because of your antivirus triggering a false positive because this game's code is just too intense. Your download will run fine if you temporarily disable Avast or AVG.

Made for the GMTK Game Jam by Team PACC

Phillip Trudeau-Tavara - Programming

Jon Michiemo - Art Design

Curtis A. Turpin - Game Design


This game was made without the use of prebuilt engines. 


A dungeon brawler style game, made with a focus on combat and mystery. The game is set in a mysterious dungeon filled with goblins and winged creatures. The theme of the game is light and darkness. Knight Osculuna has been cursed to carry a magical torch. If the torch ever dies out, he will meet his end. However, the torch grants him several abilities to keep the torch lit. His task is to bring light to dark places, and to defend those who still live in the light from that which dwells in darkness.

Game Jam Theme

The game is based around the player’s torch. The torch provides the player with light, allowing him to see his surrounding, also serving as his source of life. The level of light emitted from the torch is managed by the player in several ways. 

**********SPOILERS PLAY THE GAME*************

Attacking enemies with the sword increases the flame while also killing enemies. Attacking enemies with the torch will decrease the flame while also stunning enemies and temporarily catching enemies on fire. The three main mechanics all serve several purposes and directly affect each other in various ways.

Light = Visibility and Health

Sword = Enemy Damage and addition of Light

Torch = Enemy Stun and loss of light

Intended platform

PC Windows

Resources used

Platform layer provided by SDL2 www.libsdl.org

Sound/Music - This game uses the following sources from freesound:

- fire_short.wav by 13FPanska_Kolar_Jan | License: Creative Commons 0

- Woosh Noise 1.wav by potentjello | License: Creative Commons 0

- Bamboo Swing, C4.wav by InspectorJ | License: Attribution

- field-recording foot-steps on dry leaves by rayjensen | License: Attribution

- marching boots.wav by klankbeeld | License: Attribution

- SFX_ATTACK_SWORD_001.wav by JoelAudio | License: Attribution

- sword04.wav by Erdie | License: Attribution

- swell pad.wav by ERH | License: Attribution

- running hard surface.wav by bevangoldswain | License: Sampling+

- djembe_loop_13.wav by junggle | License: Attribution

- rarexport-05.wav by plagasul | License: Attribution

and soundbible:

- Human Heartbeat by Daniel Simion | License: Attribution

- Teeth Chatter by dobroride | License: Sampling Plus 1.0

and audioblocks:

- Ambient Ghost Whispers by Bobby Cole

- Watermelon smash Sound


Apart from the aforementioned used resources, everything in the game was made by members of Team PACC.

Phillip Trudeau-Tavara - Programming, Game Design

Jon Michiemo - Art Design, Game Design

Curtis A. Turpin - Game Design, Level Design, Sound Design

Published Jul 17, 2017

Install instructions

Just download the .zip, extract, and run Light After Dark.bat


Light After Dark.zip 12 MB